Press Release 2017
Upcoming events and offers in 2017
Our first business engagement in Bulgaria in October was successful, having met with university and government representatives to discuss a range of unique, beneficial opportunities
designed to facilitate international relations with academics in Australia and New Zealand. We are now progressing in preparing our business and marketing plans in preparation to send our first group of academics to Europe.
Site visits.
Offering over 8000 years of history, our site visits are intended to uncover the rich abundant history of the regions we visit. On our site visits we will be engaging, building and promoting local culture and sustainability through involvment in rural research and community based projects. We will collect and collate data for subject matter research, build and promote entrepreneural partnerships with cultural and academic entities, and identify field sites for test cases.
Site Visits
Project 1
Project 1 is concerned with promoting the cultural and knowledge sharing opportunities that exist within Bulgarian universities and college faculty and students, and exposing these opportunies to the education sector within Australia and New Zealand. The aim of this project is to facilite travel to Bulgaria for education sector members to experience the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the country and to promote professional academic development.